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Oasts and hop kilns are a distinct and specialist part of English agricultural history and vernacular architecture . The purpose of this web site is to share knowledge and images on the history of oast houses and hop kilns.

There is inevitably a steady erosion of the stock of oasts and hop kilns. Some fall down or are destroyed. Other are converted into dwellings with more or less preservation of features from their working past. Old kilns have been entirely superseded  by modern technology for drying. There are very few buildings where the interior installations remain much as they were in the heyday of hop drying in the 18th to early 20th Century

Anyone interested in learning more, in contributing new information and images, or correcting existing errors on this website is welcome to get in touch via the form below. Your details won’t be used for anything more than a reply.


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    New Book on Oast and Hop Kiln History.

    The account on this website has now been greatly developed as a book with the same name, published by Liverpool University Press and Historic England in November 2021.  It has 250 colour illustrations, diagrams and maps