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The Process of Hop Drying

  Hops are grown in “hop gardens” (Kent and Sussex) or “Hop yards” (Hampshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire). The “bines” or stems grow up to 20 feet each year on poles. The young shoots were wound around the poles, a process known (in Kent) as “twiddling” From the mid 19th Century the introduction […]

The 16th CE. The earliest evidence

The first evidence of hop growing and drying comes from books and old records, not surviving buildings. Hops had been  used in brewing in northern Europe for centuries but hardly at all in England up until the 16th CE. Growing and drying hops was well established in Bohemia and parts […]

New Book on Oast and Hop Kiln History.

The account on this website has now been greatly developed as a book with the same name, published by Liverpool University Press and Historic England in November 2021.  It has 250 colour illustrations, diagrams and maps